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Let Folding Electric Bike Starts Your Adorable Cycling Life

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Green? Healthy? Anti-theft? Portable? Puncture-proof? Commuter convenient?

Have you ever dreamed about such a ebike with these virtues?


Aha, Eahora X5 & X7 series have made it! All these desirable features are in one in our Eahora folding electric bikes! They are all about mobility, which simplifies moving from one place to the next with a completely user-friendly, integrated design. Commute, travel, enjoy – Eahora is the way you go.

Folding Electric Bike | 750W Electric Bike | Eahora X5

X5 & X7 series are regarded as one of the easiest, quickest and most convenient folding bikes in the field of electric bikes! Folding bikes are designed for people who commute to the city by car or public transportation and want a stylish compact folder with the handling sureness of a full-sized bicycle. The X5 and X7 series are the perfect way to maximize mobility in the urban environment and an enjoyable way to move about the city.

Space Saver

It will feature a detachable lithium-ion battery and a brushless motor that is said to give a 55-65 mile range (PAS mode) and a top speed of 28mph. Touted as "the lightest and the most compact electric folding bike in Eahora", it has a folded dimension of 8.3" x 15.7" x 27.6". When traveling, just put it in your trunk.

Electronic Lock Keeps Thefts Away

Equipped with a unique electronic lock system, which can be locked and unlocked only with a matching remote control.
Use the remote of the unlocking and locking two functions to control the power supply.

Cruise Control Releases Your Thumb

The cruise control function allows the bike constant speed forward. Free your thumb and keep the bike running at a constant speed.
More fun on a comfortable cruise ride.

Brake Light And Rear Rack, Upgrading Your Safety And Happiness

Upgrade original rear rack to aluminum alloy rear rack----stronger and durable. The rear rack can carry items up to 55lbs. Aluminum alloy material avoids the problems of rust and easy damage.

When your bicycle is braked, the bicycle's electric taillight will automatically light up and be alert to pedestrians or vehicles behind you can avoid you in time so that you can get a higher level of safety.

Puncture-proof Tire: Free To Walk Through Every Corner Of City

Folding Electric Bike | Full Suspension Folding Electric Bike | Eahora X7

20*4.0'' CST front and rear fat snow tires with wider rims can help you to ride on snow land, beach, uneven road or other complicated terrain, which can minimize the risk of puncture and enhance riding safety.

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