Eahora Membership System

Eahora Membership System

If you are an outdoorsy type, considering joining Eahora Club! This blog will be a useful reference. After reading, you can get a general picture about:

--The benefits of being a member

--How to be a member

--The value of the reward points

--How to get the reward points

  • There is no doubt that you could enjoy many benefits after being our member.
  1. A 10% discount for any accessories you purchase from our website, with no limits for pieces or time.
  2. Rewards points for certain activities related to Eahora, the points that can be used as money in your purchases.
  3. Recommendation rewards. If your friends or family purchase a bike by your recommendation, you will get a $50 coupon.
  • How to be a member?
  1. Visit https://www.eahoraebike.com/
  2. Find the gift icon on the home page.


  1. Click to create your account.


  • What’s the value of the reward points?


  • How do I get the reward points?



PS: Screenshots of posts on Facebook, Instagram or video on YouTube need to be submitted to service@eahoraebike.com

Looking forward to having you in Eahora Club!