Eahora X7

New Version of Eahora X5&X7

Arrival of updated Eahora X5 & X7

Eahora X5                                                          


Eahora X7

The updated parts in the new version

  • adjustable and lockable front fork

The new version has a unique rebound adjustment structure, which can control the speed of the rebound according to your needs after being compressed. It can be as fast as a rabbit or as slow as a tortoise under your control, no matter how risky or rough the terrain is, it will bring you the most comfortable and convenient riding experience.

  • a larger battery capacity (48V 15 Ah Lithium battery)

The battery is of great significance to an electric bike. Now we upgrade the batteries into the 48V 15Ah ones, which ensures a longer life expectancy and better performance.
With Eahora PAS system, the 15Ah battery can help you reach an amazing 60 miles per charge. One year warranty on batteries. Make our customers be more guaranteed. 

  • upgraded rear rack with taillight on Eahora X5

Freedom to store and use extra space for your belongings. The upgraded loading system cargo rack can carry 55lbs, perfect for carrying some stuff on your trip, work commute. Taillight increases visibility on the night cycling to ensure safety.  Draw and improve the reaction time of the person in any vehicle traveling behind.

Compatible accessory is available ----- the luminous decals


Just paste it on the frame. Your bike will be much cooler.