How far can one person go using throttle only?

Idealy, the cruise range is according to every model's milage from specifics. Estimates are contingent upon rider and towing weight, riding style, wind speed and terrain.

Can the battery be charged when it is folded?

The battery can be charged when it is folded. Also the battery is detachable and rechargable.

How to look after the battery?

Generally speaking, in order to avoid battery undervoltage, we recommend charging it at least once a month. It would be great if you can top the battery up after each ride.
Please keep your battery charging port away from any metal objects.

Can throttle and PAS be used together?

PAS and throttle are both independent functions. You can only use one of them at the same time.

If the battery dies, can I just use human power

You can switch to pedal model to contiune riding. Easy to pedal without PAS.

Where can I find the bike assembly video?

Please go to Eahora Youtube Channel. Here is link.

Where can I find the User manual for my bike?

Please check this link.

Can this bike use in winter? Or which temperature can it work.

This bike can be used in winter or snow weather. Working temperature range: -20°C-40°C(-4°F-104°F). Reminder: Do not ride more than 7 miles in a single trip at high temperatures.

The battery's key postion of folding ebikes .

There are three positon to the keyhole. Clockwise is to lock the battery, and counterclockwise is to unlock the battery. And the center positon can hold the battery, but it is not stable. So when riding on the road, please turn the key clockwise to the end

How long will shipping take?

Normally it will take 5-10 days to deliver.

What's the dimension of X6 shipping box? Also shipping weight.

Box dimension: 40" x 17" x 25"; Shipping weight: 62 lbs. All free shipping for our bikes.

What is Eahora’s most advanced technology?

E.PAS. Technology, It is double the duration of regular e-bike under the same battery capacity and motor usage. It also allows the battery to get recharged when it is on high speed or downhill.

How does the brand Eahora ensures the stability?

All the parts and accessories on the e-bikes are the known brand for example Samsung battery. Every bike is fully inspected under QC standards. Eahora’s mantra is to address all the customer issues in fastest manner. All the issues or concerns will be solved within 24 hours.

What makes Eahora most attractive?

The fact that our battery is equivalent to two batteries in other e-bikes makes it super attractive.
Please note we do not sell second hand or used bikes.


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