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Eahora Accessories 4 Packs for Mountain Bike

Eahora Accessories 4 Packs for Mountain Bike


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Air Pump
Built-in 2500 mA lithium battery and DC motor with turbo gear. Excellent security and stability, equipped with high current, high temperature, and battery over-discharge protection mechanism. Five inflation modes are available, it is used for bike, motorcycle, vehical, ball, and other inflatables.

Rear mirror
Multi-angle adjustment rear mirror: for any cyclist who wants to avoid neck fatigue due to elastic rods, our bicycle handlebar mirror is an important investment. No matter your preference, it is very easy to get the ideal viewing angle

Seat Saddle
Eahora Silicone Bike seat cover is provided with good breathability. High-quality material with cushion anti-lasting compression to enhance the durability of the seat cover. The round grooves are ergonomically designed with a narrow front and wide rear, streamlined in shape.

Frame Bag
Waterproof and Ripstop frame bag with dimensions: 5.7" * 7.1" * 4.3"
Double-sided bag with larger storage, shake-proof and Non-deforming design.


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