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This year, we have proudly introduced long range series, featuring the beloved Juliet and Romeo models, all aimed at delivering extended, faster, and more sustainable riding experiences. Now, we are delighted to unveil our third beast, Eahora Cupid. In comparison to its counterparts, Cupid boasts a lighter construction, enhanced agility, and an equally impressive range. What sets it apart is its versatile design, allowing for the seamless installation of both front and rear baskets, expanding your riding possibilities effortlessly.


Delivered with 85% assembled:
Ebike & battery;
Original charger & adapator;
Front tire & Headlight;
Pedals, fenders & btake lights;
Product manual;
Screws and tools for assembly.

OWNER Manuals

  • 1/3 - Electronic System

    1000W Efficient Brushless Motor

    Cupid rated 90N.m geared hub motor, provides excellent power for starting, hauling gear and climbing. Notably, the inclusion of a sturdy steel torque arm ensures that the motor's forces are distributed into the frame, safeguarding your dropouts from wear and tear. Additionally, the dependable 48-tooth cassette rounds out this powerhouse of a motor, promising reliable performance on every journey.

    Torque: 90N.m

    Gradeability: 30° -40°

  • 2/3 - Electronic System

    1.44KWH Li-ion Battery

    As crucial as filling your gas tank before embarking on a road trip, a reliable battery is essential for tackling demanding journeys and extended routes. The formidable 48V 30Ah high-capacity lithium-ion battery guarantees an ample supply of power to conquer any terrain you encounter.

    Throtte Mode Range: 50 - 65 Miles

    PAS Mode Range: 75 - 100 Miles

  • 3/3 - Electronic System

    Intelligent Display

    Advanced HK-811 display elevates your riding experience with its exceptional features. It delivers vibrant visuals, ensuring crystal-clear visibility. With this display, you can effortlessly keep tabs on crucial ride details at a single glance. From real-time speed and distance traveled to monitoring your battery level and assist mode, all the essential information is presented in an intuitive and easily comprehensible manner.

    Pedal Assist Level: 0 - 5 Levels (default)

    Additional Riding Modes: Walk, Cruise control

  • 1. MOTOR
  • 2. BATTERY
  • 3. DISPLAY

Size and Geometry

Recommended Rider Height: 5'3" - 6'2" or 160CM - 190CM

Ⓐ - Total Length: 62.6" or 159CM

Ⓑ - Wheel Base: 42.5" or 107.9CM

Ⓘ - Seat Height: 32.7" or 83CM

â’č - Handlebar Height: 39.4" or 100CM

â’ș - Rim Diameter: 16.5" or 42CM

Ⓕ - Standover: 28.3" or 72CM

⒌ - Reach Distance: 18.5" or 47CM

⒜ - Chain Stay Length: 16.7" or 42.5CM

Ⓚ - Bike Width: 27.5" or 70CM

Ⓛ - Top Tube Length: 20.5" or 52CM

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I need to charge if I ride 30 miles each day to commute?

If you prefer throttle only mode, Cupid can support about 60 miles per charge, you may need to charge every 2 days. If you use pas mode, you can go 100 miles, then you need to charge every 3 days.

Where can I purchase a rear or front basket for Cupid?

The racks and baskets are expected to arrive in stock around October 31. We will keep our website updated with product information and notify you via email once they are in stock.

What is the maximum load capacity of the basket?

The maximum load capacity is 18 kg or 39.1 lbs.

Can I ride Cupid if I am 5'8'' tall? I want both feet on the ground.

Cupid seat height is 32.7", we recommend rider height at 5'3" - 6'2" (160cm - 195cm), you can also stand still on the ground, so Cupid will be suitable for you.

Is it hard to assemble by myself? I'm not good at these.

Cupid is delivered with 85% assembled, we also make a detailed assembly video for you.

Can I ride Cupid in the rain? Or wash it with water?

While all electric components are designed to be waterproof with an IP65 rating, we don't recommend riding in heavy rain for optimal safety and performance.

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Technical Specifications

To ensure uninterrupted suppluying and shipping, some parts may differ from those listed. Rest assured, our engineers rigorously test each component to guarantee quality and compatibility.

Bike Class

Class 3 ebike with throttle and pedal asssit functions.

Bike Weight

85.2 lbs in total with the battery.

Range per Charge

50- 65 miles on throttle mode. 75 - 110 miles on pas mode.

Payload Capacity

Recomend rider weight within 330lbs.



1000W DC hub motor, cassette.


48V 30AH (1.44KWH) lithium battery.


48V, 25 ± 1A; 12MOS.


54.6V ~ 3A smart charger; input 100-240V 50/60HZ.


landscape color display(HK-811), brightness: 100CD/M2.


Front light with 48V LED light, rear light with brake signal and turn signal blinker.


Wiring harness with water-resistant connectors.

Waterproof Rates

IP65 Waterproof, including motor battery, display and wiring.



20" high-carbon steel.


180MM front and rear hydraulic disc brakes, dual piston brake caliper.

Brake Levers

Aluminum alloy levers with motor cutoff switch.


20" * 3" CST tires; tire pressure marked on sidewall.


Rigid aluminum alloy fork.

Rear Suspension

Spring suspension.


KMC Chain.

Crank Set

48T * 170MM, single-sided chainring guard.


Shimano 7 Speed(ASLTX50R7CT), 22.2MM * 2400MM.


Shimano 7 Speed(RD-TY300).


Shimano 7 Speed(MF-TZ500-7),14-28T.


Comfort rubber ergo grips.


BMX handlebar.


9/16, polymer bearing.


Intergrated threadless headset.




Aluminum alloy kickstand with plastic foot.


Front and rear 20" snow tire fenders.


Breathable, memory foam.


Aluminum spoke rims, 20" * 3" * 12G * 36H.




Electric horn integrated into the headlight.