NYC Food Dash Boy's Range Test on Eahora Juliet Ebike

NYC Food Dash Boy's Range Test on Eahora Juliet Ebike

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Why Do We Need to Test Juliet's Battery Range?

The eagerly awaited review of Juliet's range test has finally arrived, conducted by none other than Food Dash Boy. Juliet's large battery capacity has been a point of interest for many customers since its launch, as they eagerly await news of its real mileage. Crew undertook a comprehensive range test on Juliet, and the results are in. The review offers detailed insight into the Ebike's capabilities and highlights its impressive range. For those looking to make an informed decision on investing in this electric bike, Dash Boy's range test review is a must-watch.


A Rundown of the Specs and Features of Juliet Battery

The largest battery capacity of the 48V ebike has EV-class safety standards to ensure safe storage and maximally extend your riding range. Revel in its superior energy density, minimal self-discharge, and unmatched security compared to traditional lithium-ion counterparts.

Throtte Mode Range: 78 - 84 Miles

PAS Mode Range: 110- 120 Miles

What Route He Traveled for the Range Test and What Terrain It Included

During the range test, the selected route that our subject traveled primarily involved the bustling city streets. The urban environment presented a unique challenge to the overall performance and range of the vehicle. The route itself included a variety of terrains, including flat stretches of asphalt, steep inclines, and sharp turns. The vehicle performed exceptionally well given the circumstances, showcasing its superior handling and acceleration capabilities. In particular, the range test provided valuable insights into the vehicle's efficiency in an environment that is typically known for its high congestion and stop-and-go traffic. Overall, the test results have demonstrated the vehicle's impressive range in an urban environment and solidified its position as a reliable and efficient mode of transportation.

How Far the Dash Boy Was Able to Go on One Charge and Our Conclusions about Its Range

After conducting rigorous testing, we have come to a strong conclusion regarding its range capabilities. The findings indicate that while using a pedal assist, Juliet can reach an exceptional distance of 100 miles or more on one full charge. This is a remarkable feat for an electric vehicle, gaining invaluable insights into what makes it a top-of-the-line electric bike. We confidently recommend it to any rider looking for reliability and performance.




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  • You should make a folding version of Juliet. Think of all the people who have very limited space in these tuff times we are living in globally. There are many ebikers enthusiasts that cant buy this Juliet because they have no space for a non folding ebike. Keep in mind of this, You are eliminating all these potential customers in the thousands because of a non folding Juliet.


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