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Please go to Eahora Youtube Channel. Here is link.

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Our folding Snow e-bike can be used in winter or snow weather. Working temperature range: -20°C-40°C(-4°F-104°F). Reminder: Do not ride more than 7 miles in a single trip at high temperatures.

No, the display is not waterproof. Water will seep into the display when riding on the rainy day.

You can switch to pedal model to contiune riding.

There are three positon to the keyhole. Clockwise is to lock the battery, and counterclockwise is to unlock the battery. And the center positon can hold the battery, but it is not stable. So when riding on the road, please turn the key clockwise to the end

Generally speaking, in order to avoid battery undervoltage, we recommend charging it at least once a month.

It would be great if you can top the battery up after each ride.
Please keep your battery charging port away from any metal objects.

PAS and throttle are both independent functions. You can only use one of them at the same time.

You may use the cruise control.

The way to start the cruise control: press the throttle and keep the same speed for 7-10seconds.

Normally it will take 5-12 days to deliver after placing the order.

But please remember that we rely on third-party couriers, so the delivery date/time is not within our control.

Eahora bike comes with the thumb throttle or twist throttle.

This allows you to simply operate the throttle without pedaling.

Yes, Eahora bike equipped with the battery lock.

There have two matching keys, you must use the special key to unlock.

Most of the e-bike can withstand moderate moisture. Weather like drizzle should not cause problems. However, we don’t recommend riding e-bike in a downpour, as this may cause the battery shorted out. In wet weather, please clean the bike after each ride to keep the bike dry if possible.

E-bike battery capacity is measured in watt hours or watts. To calculate the capacity, multiply the voltage (V) used on the bike by the Ampere-Hour (Ah) rating. For the X5, for example, multiply 48V by 10.4Ah = 449.2 Wh. 

More Watt-Hours equals more range for your e-bike.

1. Unload the battery will reduce electricity loss. The battery should be stored separately in a cool and dry place.
2. It's recommended to charge the battery every two or three weeks in case the e-bike will turn into a bike. If you are too busy, please charge the battery at least once a month.