Expert Q & A: The Most Frequently Asked Questions About Eahora E-bikes

Expert Q & A: The Most Frequently Asked Questions About Eahora E-bikes

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With a growing number of electric bike models catering to every type of rider,the world of electric bikes is expanding rapidly. We have noticed that some Eahora members are not familiar with Eahora e-bikes. So we've put together a list of Frequently Asked Questions that we hear from our customers. Read on to discover what you need to know.


Battery & Charger


Q: I have Juliet/Romeo Pro. My charger gets really hot when I charge the battery, is this normal?

A: Don't worry, it's normal for the charger gets hot during charging. Because Romeo has a 60Ah battery, it requires more current from the charger when it charges. You can see that the charger for Romeo is 5Ah/8Ah. Many bicycle chargers are 2Ah or 3Ah, because they only supply power to low-capacity batteries, so the charger does not need to provide as much current to the battery as Romeo does.


Q: Can the Juliet/Romeo Pro 48V 60Ah battery be upgraded to 52V 60Ah?

A: We do not recommend upgrading a 48V 60Ah battery to 52V 60Ah. Because 52V batteries are not compatible with 48V electronic control systems. We also do not recommend that customers upgrade their 48V electronic control system to 52V electronic control system to be compatible with 52V batteries. On the one hand it would be a huge expense. On the other hand, we have not done such tests, which can easily result in the bike not working or the electric control system burned out.


Q: Does the Eahora ebike battery have a USB port?

A: No, Eahora bike’s battery doesn't have a USB port.


Q: Will Eahora electric bike batteries be UL cerrified and approved? 

A: Yes, Eahora electric bike batteries will be UL certified and approved, you don't have to worry about their safety risks.


Q: I have Juliet/Romeo. Its original charger is 54.6V 5Ah, can I upgrade to 54.6V 8Ah?

A: Yes, you can upgrade a 54.6V 5Ah charger to 54.6V 8Ah, but a 58.8V 8Ah charger cannot be used as a 54V 5Ah/8Ah upgrade.


Q: I have a Juliet/Romeo series e-bike and it takes 9 hours to fully charge, is that normal?

A: Don't worry, it's normal. Since the Juliet/Romeo series e-bike has a 60Ah battery, that means it takes longer to fully charge. The Juliet/Romeo series battery takes around 8-10 hours to fully charge.


Q: What are the internal materials of Juliet/Juliet II/Romeo pro batteries?

A: Juliet/Juliet II/Romeo pro batteries are polymer batteries. It is safer than lithium batteries. Polymer batteries use polymer as a dielectric, rather than the traditional liquid medium.

The design of this solid electrolyte makes the polymer battery safer, avoiding the leakage problems that may exist in traditional batteries, and greatly reducing the probability of dangerous situations such as burning after damage to the battery. Polymer batteries have higher energy conversion efficiency, which can provide a more stable power output for the device, effectively extending the life of the device.




Q: Can I upgrade my Romeo motor to 1200W motor like Romeo Pro?

A: We do not recommend that customers do this. It can cause the bike to not work and be harmful to the electronic control system. We also do not recommend that customers upgrade their electronic control systems to be compatible with 1200W motors.

On the one hand, our technicians have not rigorously tested whether it is feasible, on the other hand, it will be a huge cost.


Q: Can I add an additional motor to give my Juliet/Romeo/Cupid more torque and speed?

A: We don’t recommend you do this, because after replacement, the speed of the bike didn't increase much, and we can't guarantee compatibility with the original electronic control system.


Q: Can I charge my bike with solar cells or a generator?

A: Of course.


Q: The motor of my ebike is broken. How can I replace the motor?

A: First, you need to remove the rear wheel and flywheel, and then replace the motor.
Here is a video of the replacement motor:
-- Remove and install rear wheel
-- Remove the motor
-- Install the motor
-- Remove and install the flywheel




Q: I find my Juliet/Romeo's speed isn't right. It even reached 106mph when I rode.

A: If you find that the speed of the display is not the same as the actual speed, it may be that the speed magnet is not correct. You can try setting the speed magnet to 6.


Q: Why my Romeo Pro/Julet II didn't live up to the advertised speed? Iit didn't even hit 20mph.

A: The Romeo Pro/Julet II has a B04U display. You can long press the "+" and "-" keys at the same time to enter the "Info" interface, and then adjust the speed in the "Speed Limit" in the "Info".


Q: I want my Juliet/Romeo to go faster, how do I get rid of the speed limit?

A: Juliet/Romeo has an 81F display. You can adjust the P6 to increase the speed.


Q: I have Romeo Pro, is it possible for me to adjust the speed of PAS 1-5 separately?

A: The speed of PAS 1-5 cannot be adjusted separately. But you can adjust the overall speed in the speed Settings so that the speed of PAS 1-5 increases or decreases together.


Q: I have Cupid and can't go faster than 23mph when the battery is under 40%, is that normal? Can I lift the speed limit?

A: Don't worry, when the battery's power is reduced, the speed reduction is normal. Because the battery doesn't have enough charge to power the bike. You can set P22 to 254.




Q: I have Juliet II/Romeo Pro. When I turn on the display, it says it needs a password. Do you know what the password is?

A: The Juliet II/Romeo Pro's display is B04U, and its original password is "0000".


Q: How do I connect my phone to the display via Bluetooth? Can I download apps for Android phones?

A: You can download the BIKEGO app on your phone and use BIKEGO to connect to the display by scanning its QR code. If you have an Android phone, it can also download the app, so you don't have to worry about your phone not being able to connect to the display via Bluetooth.


Q: How do I cancel cruise control from Juliet/Romeo?

A: Long press the "+" key to enter the "Information" interface, you will see the cruise mode, press the throttle for ten seconds the bike will enter the cruise mode. If you want to cancel cruise control, just short press the "+" key.


Q: How do I access "Info" on the Juliet II/Romoe Pro display?

A: Long press the “+” and “ - ” keys at the same time to enter the “Info” interface.


Q: Where is the USB port of the Romeo Pro’s display? Can it charge my phone?

A: The USB port is at the bottom of the display and can charge the phone, but you will need to order the Type-C cable yourself.


Q: My Juliet display is stuck in P10, what should I do?

A: If the Juliet display is stuck in the P10, it means the display is locked. You can refer to the video below to unlock it.
-- Unlock P10


Q: Can the USB of the Cupid display charge the phone?

A: Of course, the USB on the Cupid display is Type-C.


Q: Can I cancel cruise control on Cupid?

A: No, Cupid's cruise mode can't be canceled.


Q: Can Cupid's display be restored to factory Settings? I can't find it. Please advise.

A: Cupid hasn't been restored to factory Settings, but you can refer to the display manual to set the parameters to their original values.
-- Cupid Display Manual


Q: Can I exchange my bike for a display of another brand?

A: We suggest using the original model display. If you use another brand or model of display, the bike may not work properly and may even cause the other electric control parts of the bike to burn out.


Front Light


Q: Why can't my Juliet/Romeo's headlights be turned off manually?

A: Don't worry, the Juliet/Romeo series headlights are day-running lights. If you turn off the display, it's normal for the headlights to turn off as well. Because when our technicians developed the display and headlight, they had the safety of the riders in mind, so the headlight was set to stay on as long as the display was on. This is to avoid riders in the evening or night riding forget to turn on the headlights, causing riding safety risks.

Don't worry, the headlight use energy-saving LED lights, and the power consumption of the headlight is negligible compared to the 60Ah large-capacity battery. The battery will definitely guarantee the long range of the bike.


Bicycle Components

Front Fork & Rear Suspension


Q: Can Juliet's front fork be adjusted?

A: Juliet has two front forks, and you can check if there is an adjustment knob on the left side of the front fork.


Q: I have Romeo Pro. Can I adjust the rear suspension?

A: Yes, the Romeo Pro rear suspension can be adjusted.


Seat & Handlebar


Q: Can the seat of Romeo/Romeo Pro be raised?

A: No, the seat of the Romeo/Romeo Pro is fixed and it cannot be adjusted.


Q: The handlebar of my bike are too low. Would it be possible for me to raise the handlebar?

A: No, the handlebar can't be raised. But you can order bike handlebar riser on Amazon.




Q: My bike is brand new, why does it make a harsh noise when I use the brakes, do I need to replace the brakes?

A: Don't worry, because the discs of the bike have not been used, some of the discs have oil, which can cause a harsh sound when braking. You can wipe the disc with dish soap/alcohol and a rag, and when you ride for a while, the harsh sound will disappear. If the harsh sound persists, you may need to replace the brakes.


Q: I have fluid coming out of my hydraulic brake. What should I do?

A: If fluid comes out of the hydraulic brake, you will need to replace the brake.


Q: Why can't my bike stop when I push the brake lever all the way down? Do I need a new hydraulic brake?

A: When there is no mineral oil in the hydraulic brake, the brake may not work. You can try adding mineral oil to the brakes. If the brakes do not work after adding mineral oil, you will need to replace the brakes.




Q: I have Cupid, I want to know what is the correct setting range of PSI of Cupid tire?

A: In the summer, the PSI can be set within 28-30 PSI, in the winter, the PSI can be set within 35-40. The wrong PSI setting will not cause a flat tire, but we recommend that the PSI is set in the correct range and do not put too much pressure on the tire.

Align the safety lines on the left and right sides of the tire when inflating. If a flat tire or inner tube is exposed while riding, please stop riding and contact us or go to a nearby repair shop to repair it to avoid injury while riding.




Q: Do you have a Cupid cargo kit 6 assembly video?

A: -- Cupid cargo kit 6 assembly video.


Q: How long is the warranty on the bike?

A: The warranty for the Eahora e-bike is one year, but some parts of the bike are guaranteed for three to six months. More warranty information can be found in the owner's manual:
-- Download Manual


Q: Is Eahora's bike waterproof? I want to clean my electric bike.

A: If you want to clean the bike, you can wipe the bike with a wet rag, we do not recommend washing the bike directly with water. Because the electric control parts of the bike are not waterproof.

In addition, we do not recommend riding in heavy rain or leaving the bike in a wet place for a long time, which is easy to damage and unsafe. If you have to leave your bike out in heavy rain, you can order a bike cover for your bike.


Q: I want to insure my bike. Where can I find the serial number?

A: The serial number of the bike is located on the front tube or bottom bracket of the bike. When you receive a new bike, first you can take a picture of the serial number and save it in your phone or computer, the serial number may be helpful when you want to insure the bike or the bike is lost.


Q: My keys are missing. What should I do?

A: The lock goes with the bike. If you still have one key, you can go to a nearby hardware store and have a second key made. If you lose both keys, you may need to order new locks and keys.

If your keys are lost and the battery cannot be removed, you will need to pick the lock in order to remove the battery and replace the lock with a new one, if you do not know how to pick the lock, you can go to a nearby hardware store for help.


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