Membership System. You Spend and We Reward!

Membership System. You Spend and We Reward!

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Eahora Club's membership system is now in full-swing - enjoy exclusive discounts and perks for being part of the team!

  • What are the benefits of being a member? There are several advantages:

1. Rewards points for certain Eahora-related activities. These points can be used as money towards your purchases.

2. Recommendation rewards. If your friends or family purchase a bike based on your recommendation, you will receive a $50 coupon.

    • How to be a member?


    • What’s the value of the reward points?

    • How do I get the reward points?


    Shares and likes will automatically earn points for the first time.

    After that, you'll need to contact with screenshots of completion to receive points.

    Looking forward to having you in Eahora Club!



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    • $94 off coupon reward! bought a 56.99 item with my rewards. now should i have $37.00 coming to me as credit for my next purchase ?

      wayne brozny on
    • I thought that you folks might want to see this video that I created for my YouTube channel. Sorry about the loud wind sounds at times. I did my best :-)

      James Boren on

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