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Juliet Design Story: How We Connect Customers' Advice

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  • For a long time, we think that the electric bike market is tedious and monotonous, nothing thrilling appears. Every upgrade features of the new product are just like squeezing toothpaste while brushing. This year we really want to design an ebike that is really different and special from others.
  • After diligently gathering and examining valuable feedback from our customers, both laudatory and critical, we identified various shortcomings and improvements. By embracing these insights and incorporating specific recommendations, we proudly present to you - Juliet.
Fat Tire Electric Bike 1000W

VOICE on Light System

  • Kevin Reilly
"All eahora e-bikes should come equipped with a taillight/brake light. The black & white display sucks; and I will have to spend more money to upgrade to a color display on my eahora xc-100."
  • Thomas Burton
"I have the eahora X5 plus. I really like it, but I would like it if it had a rear tail light connected to the battery. It could be powered by the battery just like the front headlight. You might have this on the newer models.. I thought I would share the idea with you. Thanks! "

Juliet has a full light system.

Ultra-strong Headlight+ Integrated Brake Light+ Turning Lights
To be seen takes more than bright clothing, 8V headlight has 14-meter long-distance penetration, you can master demanding trails even in twilight hours and moonless nights. The ingenious full light system ensures optimal visibility on the road for both you and the surrounding. Additionally, the cutting-edge turn signal feature provides seamless communication of your navigational intentions to fellow cyclists and drivers.
1000W Electric Bike | Eahora Juliet

Juliet has a color display

Five-levels pedal assist and equip twist throttle can achieve the same speed in electric mode. Featuring pushing mode and cruising mode makes more functionality and usability during cycling.
1000W Electric Bike | Eahora Juliet Display

VOICE on Battery and Charging

  • John Heckel
"Reposition battery seat post connection from the bottom to under/behind the seat for easier access/connection. Up the charging amps to decrease charge time - hard to implement, but it would be nice. Overall, we LOVE our ebikes. Keep up the good work!"


Juliet has the largest battery capacity in the world, equipped with an 8A faster charger. 6-8 hours can fully charge the 60Ah battery. With EV-class safety, it maxiuly extends your riding range. Revel in its superior energy density, minimal self-discharge, and unmatched security compared to traditional lithium-ion counterparts.

World Largest-Capacity Electric Bike Battery | Eahora Juliet Display

VOICE on Power

  • Larissa
"I have been looking at getting an Etrike. I would love to see you guys come out with one. If you had one with the power and range of the Azarias, plus parking brake and with your awesome pricing, I would bet you could sell a ton for people like me (older who still need/want exercise but might not be able to handle so much power on a 2 wheel bike). Everyone who sees my Azaria does love it btw!"


Juliet has a powerful 1000W motor, dual hydraulic brake system, the lowest price with best configurations. You can enjoy the thrillness of new generation motor with 1000w rated and 1250w peak output. Max output 25A controller makes it easier than ever to ride up hills and tackle challenging terrain.
1000W Electric Bike | Eahora Juliet Motor

VOICE on Suspension

  • Del Krueger
"I own two Ebikes, one is an AM 100, the other is an Ace. Both bikes are good for the price and I enjoy riding them. The weakest part on both bikes is the suspension. Higher quality forks, shocks and bushings would greatly improve the riding experience."

Juliet has Double Shoulder Suspension Fork+ Rear Double Suspension+ Dual Spring Ball Shock Absorption Seat

Offer more than 6x the cushioning of a traditional suspension system - creating an unbeatably smooth ride.
Fat Tire Electric Bike 1000W | Eahora Juliet

Product Updates

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