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NYC Food Dash Boy's Review on Eahora Juliet Ebike

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Shooting Equipment: Insta360 X3 camera

Reviewer: A content creator and food delivery worker In NYC

Ebike model: Eahora Juliet (Black)

Electric Bike Near Me In New York

When it comes to DoorDash bike vs. car, opting for the former is the preferred choice. Why is it so? Watch the video below and you will discover some answers:


Here are four advantages that come from biking that you can’t get from driving:

You’ll Avoid Getting Stuck In Traffic

Traffic congestion poses a significant challenge for the majority of commuters. The peak delivery period typically coincides with dinner time, when many individuals are on the road. However, cycling enables one to effortlessly navigate through congested traffic, providing an exhilarating sensation as you swiftly overtake stationary vehicles.

You Don’t Have To Worry About Finding Parking

Anyone who has experience delivering in a vehicle understands the difficulty of finding suitable parking spaces. Restaurants are often situated in bustling areas that are not particularly accommodating to cars, and many customers reside in large apartment complexes with limited parking options. As such, food delivery personnel greatly appreciate the convenience of being able to cycle directly to their destination without having to contend with parking-related challenges.

Get Exercise

Conducting deliveries via car is inherently a sedentary activity and, to be frank, not particularly conducive to good health. After all, many individuals already spend the entirety of their day seated at a desk. Opting for bicycling as an alternative mode of transportation can provide ample opportunity for exercise and help maintain physical fitness. Rather than paying for a gym membership after work, simply activate DoorDash, hop on your bike, and begin making deliveries - it's akin to being paid to stay in shape!

Low Expenses

The benefits also lie in its ability to significantly reduce your overhead expenses. When you use your ebike for deliveries, there's no need to worry about the cost of gas or adding mileage to your car.

Customer reviews we received on Juliet:

Mr E.

Wow! This bike performs. She was easy to assemble (I'm sure watching the installation video a thousand times before the bike arrived had a part to play in that). The first test run I was only able to get it up to 32mph throttle only. Took it back in and went into settings and changed some parameters around and viola!!! I took it to 37mph throttle and up to 41 mph pedaling. Only lasted a few seconds at 41 , but stayed around 38 for a little bit more before going back to 31mph. 31mph seems to be the average speed. 36mph when the torque kicks in and believe me the torque kicks in at the right moments. Seems to have sensors and they are smart. She's very attractive, was even told she has an Italian motor bike look. The bike rack that comes attach is very sturdy. The bike in general seems to be very well built. She picks up speed relatively quickly. I'm reaching 31 mph throttle in about 4-5 seconds. Integrated headlight is bright and the taillight affixed with braking light and turn signals provide extra safety on the road. Especially at night. The integrated horn is a nice touch as well. The dual front and rear shocks provide an almost air like ride. Almost. The range on the battery is indeed 100 mile+ on one charge. I'm 184lbs and have panniers that weight at least another 20 pounds. Turn radious is decent . She is wide. Now onto the not so desirable aspects of Juliet. She is heavy, which is understandable. But the only handle on the bike isn't exactly on the bike. It's on the battery. And I don't recommend trying to lift this 100 pound bike by the battery handle. So you're going to struggle trying to lift her. Juliet in my opinion is more of a long range road/city ebike. Should've came with more appropriate tires. So yeah, so far I've had the bike for about a week . Have put 200 miles on it , and loving it!!! Overall I rate the bike a 9.5. I've already recommended it to multiple people. Wish there was some type of rewards referral program .I hope I don't eventually end up eating my words either.

Tim B. 

I love every aspect of the bike! It's very powerful, comfortable, and has a very long range! You guys did a great job designing this bike! Juliet handled all but a couple of the steepest inclines flawlessly. There were a couple of inclines that I had to contribute quite a bit of effort to but for the most part the bike tackled most of the hills very well with plenty of power. Also I rode for about 2 hours and went a little over 20 miles and the battery didn't even drop one bar on the meter. I could have rode many more dozens of miles and had plenty of battery capacity. This is one incredible bike!

Tim M.

Best long range bike on the market! I'm stunned how far this bike can go. First charge, 113 miles with two bars still available on the battery. Second charge, 126 miles, still had two bars on the battery! Not only that I got a free pannier that works beautifully, I don't need a backpack unless I'm carrying extra gear. Easy to install as well. This is a heavy bike however it's very maneverable. The rear suspension is a little stiff, I'm only 130 lbs so I have to avoid certain rough areas. In short you won't find a better bike at a better price!


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  • Great article!! It would be great to get the info on mileage range on a charge and time to charge for each of the e-bikes above.

    Barry on
  • Just got my Juliet the other day. Been riding my Freego. Loved the ride, just a little to small for me, I’m 6’2"and 240lbs, and ìt only lasted about 40-45 with very vigorous peddling. I took the Juliet out for the first time about 20 miles. Loved the ride. It blew my Freego away so bad I had to get to ride my Freego again and it felt like I needed to take my bike back and have it checked out, maybe it’s loosing power. So I got back on Juliet and took her for another ride and it was just that much more power. I am going to be using it for my door dashing. That right there will allow more than double my pay. The one thing I would warn people about is not to do a wobble test past about 10 miles per hour or expect a terrible wobble, or possibly a crash. I LOVE the bike so far.

    martin c wilkins on
  • Do you ship to the lower 48 states like Florida?

    Steve Blanchard on

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