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Romeo: Eahora New Arrival Moped Style Ebike

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Romeo, the revolutionary and latest addition to Eahora's growing family of e-bikes. Perfectly tailored for riders seeking adventurous and enduring cycling experiences. With its exceptional all-terrain setup, Romeo has been crafted with much more in mind - boasting an unparalleled quality, manufactured to meet EV-class safety standards with a staggering capacity of 60Ah. Bid farewell to range anxiety and embark on epic journeys with ease. Its moped-style frame is meticulously crafted from premium carbon steel, delivering unrivaled traction and handling.

Keep reading to discover more about our lively newcomer!

Unfolding Romeo

Meet Romeo, designed for riders who want adventurous and long last cycling. The best 48V ebike battery made by EV-class safety standards with 60Ah capacity. Ride for longer distances now, no more worrying about running out of power. Featuring a moped style design frame crafted from high-quality carbon steel, beyond exceptional traction and handling.

Colors Available

Electric Dirt Bike | Eahora Romeo

 What's New with Romeo?

  • 1000W DC Hub Motor
  • 48V 60AH (2.88KWH) lithium battery
  • Full Light System
  • Customized Rear Rack & Basket
  • Tailored Moped Seat
  • Air Valve Shock Absorber

Romeo Tech Specs

Electric Dirt Bike | Eahora Romeo Specs

Differences Between Romeo and Romeo Pro

Surron Competitor? | Eahora Romeo Pro

1000W Powerful Motor

Experience the exhilaration of cutting-edge motor technology boasting a 1000W rating, 1200W peak output, and an impressive maximum torque of 110 N.m. The newly upgraded controller with a robust 25A output empowers you to effortlessly conquer hills and tackle even the most challenging terrain.

60AH Long-distance Expert

The largest battery capacity of the 48v ebike has EV-class safety standards to ensure safe storage and maximally extend your riding range. Revel in its superior energy density, minimal self-discharge, and unmatched security compared to traditional lithium-ion counterparts.

60Ah Ebike | Eahora Romeo

Full Light System

Same as Juliet, Romeo also offers a luminous and concentrated beam of 20V light, enabling you to ride with confidence in dimly-lit conditions. The inclusion of brake and turn signal blinkers heightens your visibility to fellow road users, rendering it effortless for both motorists and pedestrians alike to spot you on the thoroughfare.


1000W Electric Bike | Eahora Romeo

Customized Rear Rack & Basket

Eahora offers a unique option for those who need to utilize additional space on Romeo (pro). Customers can personalize their ebikes with rear racks and baskets, (both the rear rack and basket are expected to be in stock around June 10th, 2023), which offer ample room for carrying personal belongings without compromising the riding experience. This feature delivers the convenience and functionality necessary to effortlessly tackle daily routines.

Electric Bike For Sale | Eahora Romeo

Tailored Moped Seat

For long-distance riders, the importance of a comfortable bike seat cannot be overstated. This customized moped saddle is designed to fit the contours of a rider's thighs and provide optimal support, reducing the risk of discomfort and pain over extended periods of use. With its unique design and emphasis on ergonomics, this saddle is an excellent choice for anyone seeking a more enjoyable and pain-free riding experience. Whether you're a seasoned long-distance rider or simply love taking your moped out for a spin, this customized saddle is a worthwhile investment that will pay dividends in terms of both comfort and performance.

Air Valve Shock Absorber

For riders who seek a comfortable and smooth ride, the 50MM Air Valve Shock Absorber on Romeo may be the solution you are looking for. This particular feature is designed to absorb any bumps or vibrations from the road, providing you with a more enjoyable and comfortable experience. It works to minimize any discomfort or jarring sensations that come from rough terrain.


Electric Bike | Eahora Romeo

Romeo brings forth the performance that one would typically associate with ebikes of a much higher price point! Delve into Romeo on our website and revolutionize your lifestyle from now on!

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  • We purchased an Aehora Romeo ebike for our son for Christmas 2023. It was delivered but was not the color he wanted and they sent a notice about a few gift for the inconvenience. He really does not have a computer and it is difficult to reach you. Is there a number that I can call to discuss how to order a kick stand so he can keep his bike in an upright position when he goes to the store. We are his parents and we are 86 years old and we get very confused with which is the right part for his style bike. If you could contact him personally it would be greatly appreciated. 239 253 6169 or marlhuie@aol.com

    John M. Huie on
  • do you deliver to the Netherlands?

    Oleh Bychkov on
  • How much does it cost

    James Brewster on
  • Very nice 👍
    How much will cost
    Send me contact number please

    Vincent Menezes on
  • Hello this is Vincent Menezes
    I would like request will take my old bike what I am using now
    I will buy new one which is new bike 2023
    What ever extra charge I will pay
    Please let he know
    Thanks I will send you back please send me returning stickers from UPS
    Warm Regards
    Vincent Menezes

    Vincent Menezes on

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