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XC100 Customize

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If you are fond of the outlook and specs of XC100, considering having it as your first electric bicycle(or already had one), this blog will be a useful reference. After reading, you can know about:

--Whether XC100 is the right bike for you

--How to improve the comfort of XC100

--A cost-effective XC100 customization

--Other customization options for XC100


Just like picking clothes, you must know your own physical dimensions before choosing a bike. The most practical one is the symphysis pubis height, the height measured from the bottom of your feet to your symphysis pubis.




Tip 1: A rider's symphysis pubis height needs to be higher than the step-through height. Therefore, he/she can operate the bicycle freely. Meanwhile, injuries can be avoided in some cases. The step-through height of XC100 is 27.55 inches, which means XC100 is suitable for those whose symphysis pubis height is more than 27.55 inches.



Tip 2: Symphysis pubis height is also an important factor in adjusting the seat height and determining the comfort level of riding a certain bicycle. There is a method proposed by Hamley and Thomas, the height that measured from the top of the pedal to the top of the saddle should be 109% of the rider's symphysis pubis height. This method is widely welcomed and recognized by the top coaches in the industry. The seat-to-pedal height of XC100 ranges from 30 inches to 36.4 inches. According to the above theory, the riding experience will be highly improved if the XC100 rider’s symphysis pubis height is between 27.6 inches and 33.4 inches.

Besides seat height and step-through height, handlebar height also directly affects your riding experience. The fixed handlebar height of XC100 is 40.94 inches while its seat height ranges from 34.64 inches to 40.55 inches. We can tell that XC100 comes with a small height difference between the handlebar and seat as other mountain bikes. It’s not that friendly as folding ones and that makes a hard time for senior riders.

Mike is 5'10'' and weighs 190lbs. Like most senior riders, he prefers a more upright riding position. So he added a stem extender to raise the handlebar height. With the extended stem, Mike can ride in a more comfortable position and reduce the suffering of the back.

He also mentioned that a wider padded seat helped a lot to ease ischium soreness when having a long-distance ride. If you want to reduce the discomfort of the wrists and palms, he recommended adding softer grips which he did the same on his own bike. Have to say the color is perfectly matched.



In this modification, Mike spent not much but greatly improved his own riding experience of XC100. Let have a quick view of his chooses:

  • Stem extender:
  • Grips:
  • Saddlebag:

Hope this blog can light up some inspiration for you. More options for XC100 Customize:

  • Saddle:
  • Rear-view Mirrors:
  • Fender:
  • Rear rack:


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