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After-sales Service Guide

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Mail format

Eahora has a very professional after-sales team, and we are committed to serving customers. If there is a problem with your E-bike, please edit your email as follows and send it to service@eahoraebike.com.


Order number:

Serial number: Located on the riser of the front fork

Motor code:

What is your problem about your E-bike:

Video and picture: It’s best to dictate the problem in the video

We will quickly look up your order information and the details of all the original parts of your E-bike through your order number.

The serial number and the motor code are used to identify your E-bike. You can understand it as the ID card of the E-bike.

We will identify what is wrong with your E-bike by your detailed description, video and pictures, so that we can provide you with a solution as soon as possible.

Providing this information will promote your problem to be quickly identified and resolved by Eahora.

Please do not try to judge the problem of the E-bike by yourself and then purchase replacement parts by yourself. This may not directly solve your problem.

Maybe you only need to replace one wire, but you have bought an entire display. Or you need to replace the motor, but you have bought the battery.

Please trust our Eahora, we are a professional E-bike team, we will try our best to provide every customer with the best solution (save time and money).

Common Problems Of E-bike

The display can't turn on (Battery Voltage Test, Display Test and Charger Voltage Test, we will send it to your mailbox in the form of a file)


Motor problems (Boost testing, Motor Hall testing and Push mod testing, we will send them to your mailbox in the form of files)


After-sales Cases

Herb Roosa

Herb bought our AM100 a year ago. He contacted us again on November 6th this year to ask if he could upgrade his motor and ask for a quotation for the new motor.

We consulted our technicians based on the order number and motor code provided by Herb, and provided him with a plan to replace the entire rear wheel set.

Herb's original motor is 350W. If he needs to upgrade the motor, he needs to replace the entire 500W rear wheel set. This accessory is large and belongs to a customized accessory, so it takes a long time to transport.

Herb prepared two plans for himself based on our suggestions.

The first is to directly upgrade the entire 500W rear wheel set.

The second is to upgrade his battery.

After asking for a quote, he chose to upgrade the battery.

Since Herb is the owner of our AM100, we cherish every customer.

We offer a 20% discount for his new battery. The original price of the 14AH battery at 419.99, Herb only spent 335.99 to buy.

Douglas Patton

We think Douglas is a photographer and his photos are very poetic.

Douglas contacted us on November 7th because his newly purchased X7 could not be turned on and the E-bike made noise when pressed on the remote control.

We asked Douglas for the serial number and video based on his description.

After we received the video, our technicians wanted Douglas to do battery voltage test and display test according to the situation.

Mr. Douglas patiently helped us, and the test results showed that the display might be broken or just the alarm was broken.

The result is still very vague. We hope that Mr. Douglas will cooperate with our test again. He must first remove the alarm and then try to turn on the display.

If the display is on, the alarm is broken. Replace the alarm.

If the display still does not light up, you need to replace the display and alarm.

With the patient cooperation of Douglas, the test result showed that the alarm was damaged due to logistics. We have already issued a new alarm for him.

Douglas is very satisfied with our service.

We are also very grateful to Mr. Douglas for his trust and help.

Warranty Policy

Please be patient to check our warranty policy. If there is a problem with your E-bike, please contact us in time.

If you need to change the E-bike, please send us an email within 14 days.


How-to Guides

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  • hi i love my am200 but i came out after work and someone smashed my display screen i dont have enough to replace it im just getting by as is is there and way of using the usb to mirror the screen on to my cell phoneplease get baack

    matthew groke on
  • My e-bike was stolen few days ago. Is it possible to track the location of the bike with the motor code or something?

    Hans on
  • We bought two E-bikes about 3 months ago. One had trouble with the gears from the start and now that one just stopped working yesterday. The screen turns on but there is no power with the throttle or when you pedal. Please get back to me immediately about this issue this time. Nothing was resolved last time we reached out. Thanks

    William Parris on
  • I was very satisfied with the support provided when I realized the derailleur was damaged in the transport. I got it repaired at a local bike shop and EAhora paid the bill!

    Great support, awesome bike!

    Maxime Asselin on
  • Just charged battery again won’t hold up only at 48 volts bought last year, charger at 54 volts. Won’t show all bars on display power cuts out with power showing. Power as you push it fades in out not steady. Eohora 7 bike folding. E-bike battery DCH006/365 48v 14000mah 672Wh

    Gene Pratt on
  • I lost my key fob for unlocking the security system on my Eahora X5. How do I order a replacement?
    Thank you,
    Douglas Studer
    Phone 319-409-0423

    Douglas W Studer on

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