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Different models of Eahora electric bikes have different error detection systems integrated into the display and controller. If your e-bike shows an error code, Eahora recommends stopping and avoiding the e-bike until the error is resolved. The error codes don't cover everything that can go wrong, but they do cover quite a few things. In case they pop up in front of you, you should know what they mean and how to troubleshoot them.
In this blog, you can match the error code displayed on the e-bike screen with the information below and follow the inspection process listed below to troubleshoot the problem.


  • B04U display -- Used on Romeo Pro and Juliet II.

1. E05: Twist/Throttle failure


    2. E06: Undervoltage protection state


    3. E12: Current failure


    4. E17: Brake failure


    5. E30: Communication failure

      *** For battery voltage testing in E06 and E12, please click on Romeo Pro & Juliet Battery Voltage Testing.

        • 81F display -- Used on Juliet, Apus, X7 Special, AM100 and AM200 Special.

        1. E22: Throttle failure



        2. E25: Brake failure


        3.E30: Communication failure

          • M8 display -- Used on Cupid.

          1. E21: Current failure



          2. E22: Throttle failure

            If your e-bike is under warranty, please send the relevant videos or pictures to the after-sales service after troubleshooting, and provide the bike serial number or motor code, we will help you.

            If you have any questions when troubleshooting, please contact after-sales service.


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