Eahora Beach Cruiser Parts

Eahora Beach Cruiser Installation Tutorial

All bicycle parts you need to install | Eahora Beach Cruiser

Eahora Beach Cruiser Installation Tutorial Six steps:

1. Install upright handlebars: Fix the handlebar on the bicycle riser with riser cover.(From 00:00:16-00:00:34)

2. Install front wheel under the front fork: Aim at disc brake on the left. Screw on nuts and screws on both sides.(From 00:00:35-00:01:06)

3. Install parking bracket.(From 00:01:07-00:01:26)

4. Install bicycle pedals.(From 00:01:27-00:01:48)

5. Install Bicycle seat. (From 00:01:49)

6. Install battery.(From 00:01:58)

Please feel free to contact us, if you have any trouble on assembling

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