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On the second anniversary of Eahora, we appreciate all customers who choose us. In order to improve our E-bike and services, Eahora interviewed 30 customers to listen to the voices of them. With the permission of the two interviewers, we released their interview records.


Electric Mountain Bike | Full Suspension Electric Mountain Bike | Eahora AM100


The First Interviewee: Tim

We: Hi, Tim, I am glad that you are willing to accept our interview. From the perspective of the Eahora , we are very curious about why did you choose to ride an E-bike ?

Tim: This is a good question. We are a cycling family. Cycling is our usual way of traveling and we have participated in many cycling competitions. My wife and I will ride together for nearly 60 kilometers almost every week. This is a very exercising exercise. We are over 60 years old and we often find it difficult to go uphill, so we think E-bike are very suitable for us now.

We: It is an honor for us that you chose to buy our AM100. As a brand, we are very curious about why did you choose us?

Tim: Oh! This is really a coincidence. On Christmas 2020, our neighbor Mrs. Smith bought an Eahora X5 as a Christmas gift for his son. That E-bike was really great, and it only cost $1,299. This made us decide to buy one for ourselves.

We: We are very happy that you like our E-bike. Why did you choose to buy AM100 instead of X5?

Tim: No, we bought two E-bikes, I bought AM100, but my wife bought an AM200.They are 9 speed, which is what we need. It turns out that we should have bought two AM200s. I often fail to catch up with my wife while riding AM100, which makes me very tired , so I upgraded my motor two months ago.

We: We are very sorry, we should introduce our AM100 and AM200 in more details for you. After upgrading the motor, are you satisfied with your AM100 now?

Tim: Everything is very good now. By the way, is the warranty period of my new motor also one year?

We: Yes, every E-bike including accessory have undergone strict quality inspections. If your new motor has any problems within one year, please feel free to contact us.

Tim: great!

We: Can you give us some suggestions?

Tim: My wife and I are over 60 years old. It really took us a lot of time to assemble these bicycles. We even asked our neighbors for help. I think it will be better if you can provide assembly services.

We: Your suggestion is great. Now our X5 and X7 are assembled, but other bicycles need to be installed by yourselves. We are establishing cooperative relations with many Mechanic and will provide on-site assembly services for our customers in the future. Thank you very much for accepting our interview. We cherish the suggestions of each of our customers.

Tim: I am also honored. Thanks for the discount . I will recommend the Eahora to my other friends because you are worth it.


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The Second Interviewee: Victor

We: Hi ,Victor, thank you for your cooperation . It is said that you are an excellent mechanic, why did you choose us as your partner?

Victor: Your professional attitude convinced me. Most of my customers bought Eahora E-bike. Earlier, I only purchased accessories for my customers in your shop. Your reply was very professional and patient every time. So in March of this year, I bought my first XC200

We: Thank you very much for your trust. Why did you choose XC200?

Victor: My first choice was XC100, because I wanted to re-purchase parts and assemble it by myself, but XC100 was out of stock at that time.

We: XC100 is our best-selling E-bike, but the motor of XC200 is 750W, the riding speed will be faster.

Victor: Yes, it looks good now. I re-purchased the hydraulic brake and the twist throttle for my XC200. I prefer the twist throttle.

We: Thank you very much for your satisfaction with our XC200. Do you have any suggestions for us?

Victor: I think you did a good job, at least this is a good brand in my opinion. But I want to know about your warranty policy

We: The warranty period for all our Eahora E-bike is one year. During the warranty period, if the E-bike have any problems, please feel free to contact us, and we will solve the problem for you in time.

Victor: Oh, I am a mechanic. I can observe what is wrong with my E-bike. I think I am more concerned about whether the replacement of parts is free, and whether the replacement parts must be customized by Eahora?

We: If the part is within the warranty period and there is a manufacturer's defect, we will replace it for you free of charge. For example, our motor and battery have a one-year warranty period. You can refer to our warranty policy for the rest.


Most of the accessories in our E-bike are general-purpose accessories, which can be bought directly in the market.

Victor: Can I extend my warranty period?

We: This may not work, but if your E-bike needs a warranty for more than one year, we promise that you will have a biggest discount.

Victor: Well, that sounds good. I just sold my car this year. Our whole family is ready to ride a E-bike to support the carbon neutral program. So I prepare to buy two APUS for my wife and son recently . Can you give me the biggest discount?

We: We admire your decision . If you decide to buy APUS, we will provide you with the greatest discount. We have a self-pickup warehouse in California (Chino, CA, 91710). If you are willing to pick up the E-bike by yourself, you can save $50 per E-bike again.

Victor: Oh, maybe I can ask my neighbor to borrow a truck.

We: Sorry, we forgot that you have sold your car.

Victor: This is just a joke. Can you tell me the nearest Test Ride? We want to buy APUS because of its light weight , but We still want to go for a test ride. This can convince us that our choice is right.

We: Of course it is possible. At the end of 2021, we will hold a showroom in the California . We welcome all customers who want to buy our Eahora to come and test ride. Here you will be able to test drive all E-bike we are selling, including EAHORA SCOOTER.

Victor: This is really good news. We will go. Please inform me of the time and place in time.

We: Of course . Thank you very much for the interview. We will send the prices of the two APUS to your mailbox later and look forward to working with you again.

Electric Mountain Bike | Full Suspension Electric Mountain Bike | Eahora AM100


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  • I like the spud , I just really dislike the seat. Are there more comfortable seat options or accessories that will allow me to find a more comfortable seat and or accessories like basket rack, wagon arm or wagon etc. I feel like I have a bike I like but I can’t do anything to it to make it a daily driver for me

    Akinjobi on
  • I have your xc100 model, hardly have used the bike at all. When plugging in the battery, the charger shows a green light but the battery doesn’t turn on. Do you think this is a battery issue? There is no power coming from the battery nor the digital screen.

    Conner Steven on

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