EAHORA ROMEO Series Comparison: The Ultimate Guide

EAHORA ROMEO Series Comparison: The Ultimate Guide

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Welcome to our comprehensive exploration of the EAHORA ROMEO Series. This lineup has been making waves in the e-bike world since its initial launch in early 2023, aiming to redefine cruising range and performance. The series includes the original Romeo, Romeo Pro, Romeo II, and the upcoming Romeo Pro II. Each model boasts unique features designed to cater to various riders' needs. Here's what you need to know about the distinctions and highlights of each model in the ROMEO series.


What is ROMEO Series?

The ROMEO series represents EAHORA's ambitious foray into enhancing electric bike cruising range. This series comprises four distinct models: Romeo, Romeo Pro, Romeo II, and Romeo Pro II. Distinguishing factors include whether they are single or dual-drive, with differences also spanning across appearance and performance.

Why ROMEO Series?

To meet the diverse needs of our customers and incorporate their valuable feedback and suggestions on various e-bike configurations, we are committed to our standard of excellence. Thus, we have continually updated the ROMEO series.


How Does Each Model Stand Out?

Motor 1000W 1200W 1250W*2 1500W*2
Battery 48V 60AH 48V 60AH 52V 60AH 52V 60AH
Controller 30A 30A 30A*2 30A*2
Charger 54.6V 5AH 54.6V 8AH 58.8V 7A 58.8V 7A
Top Speed 29mph 32mph 37mph 44mph
Tire 26''*4'' 26''*4'' 20''*5'' 26''*4''


These two models differ primarily in their motors, chargers, top speeds, and app connectivity. ROMEO PRO can meet customers' higher gradeability, faster speed and remote operation needs.


Motor Power: 1000W for ROMEO and 1200W for ROMEO PRO.

Charger: ROMEO comes with a 54.6V 5A charger, while ROMEO PRO upgrades to 54.6V 8A.

Maximum Speed: Experience speeds up to 29mph with ROMEO and 32mph with ROMEO PRO.

APP Control: Available with ROMEO, not with ROMEO PRO.

Price: $2199 VS. $2399


What kind of riders are they suitable for?

Budget-Conscious Riders with a Focus on Longevity

For individuals with a budget of approximately $2,000 who prioritize extended battery life in an e-bike, the 60A 1000W ROMEO model presents an economical option. Conversely, for those who frequently encounter uphill or mountainous terrain, or have a penchant for higher speeds, opting for the ROMEO PRO equipped with a 1200W motor—available for an incremental investment of $200—is advisable.



Moving from ROMEO PRO to ROMEO II, we see a complete system overhaul with the introduction of dual motors, marking a new generation in the ROMEO series. Enhancements such as larger batteries, more powerful motors, and wider tires distinguish the ROMEO II and ROMEO PRO models, positioning ROMEO II uniquely within the market. Our ambition for the ROMEO II is to steadily advance towards becoming the world's premier EBIKE.


Tire Enhancement: Transitioning from a 26''*4'' to a wider 20''*5'' tire, facilitating smoother navigation across diverse terrains.

Motor Upgrade: ROMEO PRO's 1200W motor is superseded by dual 1250W motors in ROMEO II.

Battery and Controller Improvements: From a 48V 60A battery and 30A controller in ROMEO PRO to a 52V 60A battery with dual 30A controllers in ROMEO II.

Charger and Top Speed: ROMEO II elevates with a 58.8V 7A charger and a top speed of 37mph.

Tire Dimensions: Switch from 26''*4'' tires on ROMEO PRO to 20''*5'' for a sturdier ride with ROMEO II.

ROMEO II Price: $2799 Click to Claim $400 Coupon


What kind of riders is ROMEO II suitable for?

Ideal Selection for Performance-Oriented Buyers

Should your allocation for an e-bike be in the vicinity of US$2,500 and your priority lies with the vehicle's performance capabilities, the ROMEO dual-drive series stands as the exemplary selection. Boasting a remarkable configuration of a 60A battery paired with a 2500W motor—a combination scarcely found within the market—the ROMEO II further distinguishes itself with 20''*5.0 fat tires. This feature ensures adept handling across diverse terrains, affirming its status as a superior choice for discerning enthusiasts.


Why Widen the Tire and What's the Difference?

What is Fat Tire?

Wide tire e-bikes are characterized by their substantial tire widths of four inches or greater. The market offers these tires in sizes up to 5.0 inches, although the 4-inch tire remains the standard choice. Unlike traditional e-bike tires, which generally range from 1.95 to 3 inches in width, wide tires boast a larger diameter and are commonly affixed to broader rims measuring 20, 24, or 26 inches(ROMEO II 20''*5.0''). This design not only enhances the bike's aesthetic appeal but significantly improves its performance across varied terrains.


With the rising popularity of electric bicycles, there has been a concerted effort to advance tire technology to better fulfill consumer needs and augment the cycling experience. In recent years, the prominence of wide-tire electric bicycles has seen a considerable increase. Evolving over a decade, these bikes have transcended their initial use on snowy paths and sandy beaches to become a preferred option for a wide array of cycling environments. Today, fat tire e-bikes enjoy widespread acclaim for their adaptability, making them an excellent choice for navigating mountainous landscapes as well as offering a comfortable and stable ride on paved roads.

The advantages of Fatter Tires

Fat tire e-bikes bring a host of benefits, enhancing the riding experience in several key ways. Here’s a closer look at why they're gaining popularity.

Reduced Rolling Resistance

Contrary to what you might expect, wider tires have been shown to offer less rolling resistance compared to their narrower counterparts when both are inflated to the same pressure. This phenomenon can be explained by how a tire deforms under weight—known as tire deflection—which creates a flat contact patch with the ground. Although both wide and narrow tires may have a similar contact area size, the shape differs. Narrow tires create a longer, thinner contact patch, while wide tires maintain a more compact and efficient shape. This results in wide tires maintaining more of their "roundness" and thus rolling more smoothly.

Enhanced Efficiency on Varied Terrains

Thanks to this reduced rolling resistance, wide tires enable your e-bike to move more effortlessly across different types of surfaces. Whether it’s a smooth city road or a challenging off-road trail, wide tires adapt better, providing a smoother ride.

Enhanced Stability

Stabilizing an e-bike can generally be achieved in two ways: by increasing the pressure per square inch (PSI) or by enlarging the tire's contact patch with the ground. However, as we've seen, because tire deformation contributes to rolling resistance, opting for wider tires is often the better choice. Wider tires provide a larger contact patch with the road, enhancing grip and traction, which is especially beneficial under less-than-ideal riding conditions.


The advantage of wider tires becomes even more apparent on wet surfaces. They offer superior grip in rainy conditions, thanks to their broader contact area and the presence of more and larger grooves. These grooves play a critical role in channeling water away from the contact surface, significantly lowering the likelihood of hydroplaning. For those who frequently ride in wet weather, slightly reducing tire pressure can further boost traction, ensuring a safer and more controlled ride.

versatility across different landscapes

Wide tires on e-bikes aren't just about improving stability; they're also about versatility across different landscapes. Each tire demands an optimal level of air pressure to avoid hitting the rim directly, which can cause damage or lead to a flat. Fat tires, with their larger air volume and comparatively lower air pressure, excel in providing a smoother ride by adding a layer of cushioning. This combination enhances comfort and increases traction, making them slightly softer under various conditions without compromising durability. In contrast, skinny tires require higher pressure, making them firmer but more susceptible to punctures.


This is why fat-tire e-bikes are the go-to choice for adventurers keen on exploring diverse environments—from the snowy trails and sandy beaches to muddy paths, dense woodlands, and challenging rocky terrains. The larger footprint of wide tires spreads the e-bike's weight more evenly, allowing for superior grip and control, which is crucial when navigating through such unpredictable surfaces.


Thinking of a beach day? Your fat-tire e-bike can turn it into an adventurous ride. The wide tires are specifically designed to glide over sand, preventing the bike from sinking and getting stuck, thus offering a seamless riding experience even on the softest beaches. Whether it's for leisure or exploration, wide tires open up a world of possibilities, letting you take your e-bike places you never thought possible.

Boosted Shock Absorption and Ride Comfort

One of the key advantages of wide tires on e-bikes is their superior shock absorption capabilities, contributing significantly to ride comfort. The secret to effective impact absorption lies primarily in tire pressure—lower pressures allow tires to absorb bumps and irregularities in the road more effectively. Additionally, the width of the tire plays a crucial role. Fat tires, which are both wider and can be run at lower pressures, are naturally adept at cushioning the rider from the harsh realities of uneven paths. This results in a smoother and more enjoyable ride, as the tires can easily roll over minor obstacles and dampen vibrations that would otherwise be felt.

Enhanced Durability for Long-Term Use

Beyond comfort, fat tires are synonymous with durability. Their thicker construction not only aids in overcoming rough terrains smoothly but also contributes to their longevity. With fat tires, you're investing in resilience; they withstand wear and tear better than their slimmer counterparts. This durability translates into reduced maintenance and replacement costs over time, offering savings on vehicle upkeep expenses. For riders who value both comfort and cost-efficiency, fat-tire e-bikes represent a smart choice, delivering a blend of performance benefits that enhance the overall cycling experience while also providing economic advantages in the long run.



The ROMEO PRO II builds upon the ROMEO II with enhanced motor power, speed, and altered tire size, setting a new benchmark for power and performance. For enthusiasts within the e-bike community who have a penchant for high-end models, the ROMEO PRO II is certainly worth exploring.


Motor: Elevate from ROMEO II's dual 1250W to a powerful 1500W dual motor in ROMEO PRO II.

Top Speed: Reach new heights at 44mph with ROMEO PRO II.

Tire Size: A return to 26''*4'' tires, combining speed with stability.

ROMEO PRO II Price: $3099 Click to Claim $400 Coupon


What kind of riders is ROMEO PRO II suitable for?

Premium Choice for Discerning E-Bikers

Should financial considerations be secondary to acquiring a motorcycle-type e-bike of unparalleled quality, featuring superior configurations across all dimensions coupled with a sophisticated aesthetic, then this vehicle is eminently suited to your preferences. Designed to adeptly traverse diverse terrains and equipped with an enduring battery life, this model incorporates high-end components such as the battery, motor, and instrument controller, distinguishing itself as a rare find within the market’s premium segment.



Uniqueness of the EAHORA ROMEO Series

What truly sets the ROMEO series apart is the unmatched combination of a 60A battery paired with motors ranging from 1000W to 1500W dual motors in later models. Such configurations are seldom seen elsewhere in the market, providing a unique edge in power and range.

Opt for the ROMEO series if you're seeking an e-bike that combines innovation with performance. Whether it's the single-motor simplicity of the Romeo and Romeo Pro or the dynamic dual-drive of Romeo II and Romeo Pro II, there's a model tailored for every preference and requirement.


Experiencing the EAHORA ROMEO Series

Ready to feel the difference? The ROMEO series is available for test rides and purchase at select retailers and online. Immerse yourself in the future of e-biking and find your perfect match within the ROMEO series.

You can do test rides in these places: California, Colorado, Florida, New Jersey, Michigan, Idaho, Illinois and Pennsylvania. Check the specific places here.


Real Riders, Real Feedback

Enthusiasts of the ROMEO Series have openly expressed their enthusiasm, commending its superior agility and durability. A standout aspect frequently mentioned in a wealth of testimonials is the series' capability to effortlessly ascend steep inclines, credited to its powerful dual-motor setup. The advanced battery technology, particularly the 60A battery in the later models, is celebrated for its exceptional range, enabling riders to explore further on a single charge. This praise, drawn from genuine user feedback on platforms like Amazon and the EAHORA official site, underscores the ROMEO Series' commitment to excellence in performance, resilience, and exploratory freedom.


Daniel S.

I got a Romeo Pro and during the winter I was testing it.

I only lowered the tire pressure a little, the test was that my girlfriend pulled me while I was snowboarding on the street (always safe) but I also tried it on the cold ground, on snow, on ice and everything was perfect!



Bill H.

I am 5'9", 160 lbs and the bike fits perfectly. Had a 5'6"/110lbs person ride and she was comfortable. The bike is a BEAST. In looks, response, ride and handling! Turns heads. Assembly simple. Being a motorcyclist, this ebike style fit me beautifully. No more gas scooters. So far, I have gotten to 35mph at 5 PAS. Don't need more- I have a motorcycle for beyond! Had wheel delivery delay & small damage (FedEx issue) and accessing settings confusion. But Customer Service was responsive, clear and all resolved. Note they are 12hrs ahead so allow for that. Distribution is in LA. The battery is long lasting and appears to match the stated ranges....still adding miles to test range. Bike is heavy BUT I feel safe/comfortable on it. Now......I am accessorizing the heck out of it!


Nursefoodie t.

Perfect complement for my Romeo Pro Impressed by the rack's quality, minimalist design, and easy installation. I added a Fjallraven bag for added style, elevating my riding experience for sure.

This marks my first e-bike experience and my return to cycling after two decades. Assembling the Romeo Pro was surprisingly easy, especially for someone who hasn't handled a bicycle in years. I've taken it on a few rides to Red Rock Canyon in Las Vegas, covering a 22-mile round trip from my house. The experience has been fantastic—smooth, comfortable, and efficient. Despite minimal pedal assist and mostly using the throttle, each trip utilized only about 20 percent of the battery. I am 5'11" and 225 pounds and the Romeo Pro keep its power and handling. Excited to explore more national parks in the coming weeks—follow @nursefoodietoro for updates. I highly recommend purchasing the Romeo Pro.

Enhancing Your Ride

Each model in the ROMEO series is designed to elevate your riding experience, from the streets to the trails. With advanced motors, robust batteries, and intuitive controls, navigating your world has never been so exhilarating.


Whether it's the pioneering spirit of the original Romeo or the advanced capabilities of the Romeo Pro II, the EAHORA ROMEO series is here to redefine your e-biking expectations. Explore each model's unique offerings and discover how they can enhance your journeys, one ride at a time.


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