Explore the Eahora Juliet Series: Ultimate Guide

Explore the Eahora Juliet Series: Ultimate Guide

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Explore the Eahora Juliet Series: Ultimate Guide

Welcome to the definitive guide to the EAHORA Juliet Series, a lineup of electric bikes meticulously designed with the modern American woman in mind. Whether you're an avid adventurer, a daily commuter, or someone looking to step into the world of ebikes, the Juliet Series offers something uniquely suited to your lifestyle and needs.

What is Juliet Series?

The EAHORA Juliet Series is the gender-converted counterpart to the acclaimed ROMEO series, retaining all the power and performance but with design alterations that cater specifically to women. Each model in the Juliet Series - Juliet, Juliet II, and Juliet III - is engineered for comfort, ease of use, and style, without compromising on the exhilarating performance EAHORA is known for. Perfect for women of various heights and riding preferences, these ebikes are your gateway to exploring new horizons.

Why Should We Choose Juliet Series?

To specifically address the unique needs and preferences of our female riders, and in response to their insightful feedback and recommendations on e-bike design and functionality, we uphold our unwavering commitment to excellence. Therefore, we have meticulously tailored and continuously refined the Juliet series, ensuring it embodies the perfect blend of performance, comfort, and style, designed with women in mind.

How Does Each Model Stand Out?

Model Juliet Juliet II Juliet III
Motor 1000W DC Geared Motor 1500W DC Geared Motor 1000W High-Torque DC Motors *2
Battery 48V 60A 52V 60A 48V 60A
Controller 48V 25±0.5A 52V 30±0.5A 48V 39A *2
Charger 54.6V 8A 58.8V 7A 54.6V 8A
Top Speed 28MPH 34MPH 34MPH
Tire 20" * 4" 20" * 4" 20" * 4"
App Control NO YES NO

JULIET vs. JULIET II Main Difference

The main difference between Juliet and Juliet II lies in their power and customization capabilities. The original Juliet model features a robust 1000W motor and offers an impressive range of up to 120 miles in PAS mode, making it a versatile choice for various terrains. On the other hand, Juliet II steps up with a more powerful 1500W motor and introduces adjustable suspension, providing a more personalized and dynamic riding experience for those looking to venture further and tackle more challenging rides.

Motor: 1000W for Juliet and 1500W for Juliet II.

Rear Suspension: Normal suspension upgraded to four-link rear shock suspension.

Battery: Upgraded from 48V 60A to 52V 60A.

Controller: 48V 25±0.5A for Juliet, enhanced to 52V 30±0.5A for Juliet II.

Charger: 54.6V 8A for Juliet, improved to 58.8V 7A for Juliet II.

Top Speed: 28 MPH for Juliet, increased to 34 MPH for Juliet II.

APP Control: Exclusive to Juliet II.

Price: $1799 vs. $2299

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Why We Upgrade?

The journey of e-bike motors began in 1895, evolving through over a century of innovation and upgrades to become the "soul" of electric-assisted bicycles today. E-bike motors are crucial as they directly handle mechanical transmission, converting electrical energy into kinetic energy, thus providing essential assistive power to the rider.


Currently, e-bike motor systems on the market are broadly classified into two types: mid-drive motors and hub motors. The Juliet models are equipped with hub motor.

Mid-Drive Motors

Mid-drive motors are mounted at the bottom bracket area, either integrated within the frame or attached externally. This positioning ensures a balanced weight distribution on the bicycle. These motors are connected to the drivetrain through the chain, transferring power to the rear wheel. The integration with the bike's gear system allows for efficient power usage, making them suitable for various terrains, especially uphill climbs.


Hub Motors

Hub motors, typically brushless DC motors, are installed directly in the wheel hub, either in the front or rear wheel. They provide direct propulsion, driving the wheels without the need for a chain connection. Hub motors are popular for their simplicity, ease of maintenance, and cost-effectiveness, making them ideal for commuters and casual riders.


Advantages of Hub Motors:


Simple Structure: Hub motors are built within the wheel, offering a straightforward design that is easy to maintain.

Compact Size: Their relatively small size fits well within various e-bike designs and layouts.

Low Maintenance Costs: Due to their simple construction, the maintenance costs for hub motors are generally lower.


Disadvantages of Hub Motors:


Lower Transmission Efficiency: Hub motors drive the wheels directly, which can result in lower transmission efficiency compared to mid-drive systems.

Weaker Climbing Ability: With relatively lower power output, hub motors may struggle in high-intensity scenarios like steep climbs.


Juliet’s Evolution: From Juliet to Juliet II

The Juliet model employs a hub motor, which perfectly suits everyday commuting and casual rides due to its structural simplicity and low maintenance requirements. However, recognizing the need for enhanced performance, particularly for adventurous riders, Juliet has evolved into Juliet II.


Enhanced Motor Power: With the Juliet II, we have significantly upgraded the motor power. The new motor offers greater output, thus addressing the common limitations associated with hub motors such as lower transmission efficiency and weaker climbing ability. The increased power enhances rotation efficiency and provides better support for mountain biking enthusiasts who require robust performance to tackle steep inclines and rugged terrains effectively.


Improved Shock Absorber System: Alongside the motor upgrade, Juliet II features an enhanced rear shock absorber system. The updated four-link suspension system, designed without interference from the transmission system, delivers highly responsive operation and superior shock absorption. This improvement ensures a smoother and more comfortable ride, especially on uneven and rough terrains, thus elevating the overall riding experience for customers who enjoy mountain biking.


In summary, while the Juliet model with its hub motor is ideal for city commuting and leisurely rides, the Juliet II stands out with its powerful motor and advanced shock absorber system. These enhancements make Juliet II the perfect choice for adventurous riders seeking both high performance and comfort, particularly when exploring mountainous trails.


What Kind of Riders are They Suitable for?

Ideal for Versatile Riders

Juliet: This model is perfect for versatile riders who seek a balance between performance and comfort. Its 1000W motor and range of up to 120 miles in PAS mode make it ideal for city commuters, casual riders, and those who enjoy leisurely weekend adventures on various terrains.

Juliet II: Best suited for adventurous riders looking for enhanced power and customization. With its 1500W motor and adjustable suspension, Juliet II is designed for those who want a more dynamic riding experience, whether tackling more challenging trails or extending their journey beyond the usual paths. It's an excellent choice for riders who demand both power and precision in their e-bike.


JULIET II vs. JULIET III Main Difference

The key difference between Juliet II and Juliet III lies in their power and capabilities. Juliet II features a powerful 1500W motor with adjustable suspension, providing a personalized and dynamic riding experience. Juliet III, however, takes it to the next level with dual-hub motors peaking at 3000W, offering unmatched speed and acceleration. Additionally, Juliet III boasts advanced safety features and a substantial range, making it the ultimate choice for ambitious riders seeking top-tier performance and the ability to conquer any terrain.


Motor: 1500W for Juliet II and Dual 1000W motor for Juliet III(Total 2000W).

Battery: From 52V to 48V.

Controller: From 52V 30±0.5A to Dual 48V 39A

App Control: exclusive for JULIET II

Price: JULIET III price $2599 Click here to claim $300 coupon


Why We Upgrade?

To meet the diverse needs of our customers, we have enhanced JULIET by upgrading from a single motor to a dual motor, enabling mountain biking enthusiasts to explore various terrains with ease.

Pros of Dual-Drive Mode

Dual-drive e-bikes provide greater stability and control, particularly useful for navigating rough or steep terrain. Both motors work in tandem to deliver a more powerful and efficient riding experience, catering well to mountain biking enthusiasts.


Cons of Dual-Drive Mode

The enhanced performance of dual-drive e-bikes comes at a higher cost. The system's complexity requires additional maintenance and may incur higher repair expenses. Additionally, dual-drive e-bikes are heavier due to the dual motor setup.


While single-drive e-bikes like the Juliet model are well-suited for city commuting and leisurely rides, dual-drive bikes excel in off-road and challenging conditions, offering greater power and stability.


What Kind of Riders are They Suitable for?

Urban Commuters & Adventure Seekers

JULIET II is perfect for urban commuters with higher e-bike standards, while JULIET III is designed for mountain biking enthusiasts who love adventure.

Details That Matter

No detail is too small for the Juliet Series - from the custom fat tire fenders to the customized steel rear rack, aluminum alloy kickstand, and even an electric horn integrated into the headlight, every aspect of Juliet is thoughtfully designed with the rider's experience in mind.


Experiencing the EAHORA JULIET Series

Ready to feel the difference? The JULIET series is available for test rides and purchase at select retailers and online. Immerse yourself in the future of e-biking and find your perfect match within the JULIET series.

You can do test rides in these places: California, Colorado, Florida, New Jersey, Michigan, Idaho, Illinois and Pennsylvania. Check the specific places here.


Real Riders, Real Feedback

Fans of the JULIET Series have voiced their admiration, highlighting its exceptional balance of comfort and performance. A frequently praised feature in numerous testimonials is the series' ability to deliver smooth and efficient rides, attributed to its refined single-drive motor. The intelligent Pedal Assist System (PAS) receives accolades for its intuitive response and energy efficiency, allowing riders to commute longer distances without frequent recharges. This positive feedback, gathered from genuine user reviews on platforms like Amazon and the EAHORA official site, emphasizes the JULIET Series' dedication to providing a reliable, comfortable, and enjoyable riding experience.


Rick A.

Only problem there was no rear suspension. After I figured the problem, the bolt & nuts were so tight with impact gun. That it was locked up! After I loosened all bolts & nuts it was all right. Plenty on spring good ride. I wish pedals were higher so I don't damage pedals. When I ride it to town everybody loves it.

Kal-el Dale S.

My experience with this bike is great so far, and it has performed adequete for Uber Eats and for long range bike riding. I have 400 miles on it and the only really big thing is how easily the tires got flat so I recommend getting new tires or putting flat out on it.

Kal-el S.

I got this from a pre-order sale in February and so far it has held up pretty well, as I have been pushing it through hills and Uber Eats deliveries. Outstanding range and speed, was able to clock in a total of 400 miles of mileage. One thing I don't like though is how easily it gets flat. I suggest getting preventive measures or new tires before taking the open road.

Enhancing Your Ride

Each model in the JULIET series is crafted to enhance your riding experience, whether you're commuting through the city or enjoying a leisurely ride. With efficient single-drive motors, long-lasting batteries, and user-friendly controls, every journey becomes smoother and more enjoyable.


From the reliability of the original Juliet to the innovative features of the Juliet II, the EAHORA JULIET series aims to exceed your e-biking expectations. Discover the unique advantages of each model and see how they can elevate your rides, one trip at a time.



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